Convert Your PSD to Magento 2 Theme – The Ultimate Guide

So, now you are determined to build an online store!!

But, you are clueless about where to start!!

With the advent of modern technology, several new ways have come into existence. But, even now, you do not know what could be the best option for you.

Though, that’s pretty fine!! As a beginner, expecting to have in-depth knowledge is not acceptable. 

So, do not worry!! 

Creating an online store is not a daunting task anymore. With so many platforms out there in the market, that can make the overall process seamless, you can choose the one that you think fits perfectly to your business needs. 

In general, before start creating an eCommerce website, assure that you abide by the following aspects:

  • What is the aim of your online store?
  • Outline the business idea.
  • How you will be getting the products that you want to sell; that is the product sourcing?
  • What about shipping? What measures will you follow to deliver the products?
  • And, last but, not the least, what is the platform you will consider to create an online store?

Besides, if you already have a PSD design, and you are thinking of converting it then, there is only a platform that can help you out efficiently. It is none other than Magento 2. Yes, you get me right!!

The evolution of eCommerce technology has given birth to a plethora of platforms, but, from all, Magento 2 has emerged out as the best one. You might be thinking that when there is Magento 1 then what is the need to use Magento 2.  

We have an explanation for this- The new version of Magento, that is Magento 2 encompasses the advanced features that are perfect for eStore customers to have an ultimate experience.

Why Magento 2?

Magento 2 is the popular eCommerce platform whose sole purpose is to build exceptional online stores. It is a scalable, high-performance solution, with high-end functionality and a huge community that keens to include the new features.

So, if you are thinking of converting the PSD to a fully-functional eCommerce store then, we advise you to go for PSD to Magento conversion. It integrates all the proven practices and is more efficient to create an outstanding eCommerce website. 

Magento has several unparalleled features that aid your shopping website to be best on many parameters.The overall Magento conversion process resulted in a responsive shopping website and flexible store. Its versatility has made it more accepted by the eCommerce application developers all around the globe.

Many of you might consider it as a difficult task because of the lack of technical knowledge.  But, believe us, it is not!!

Even, if you are not sure about developing the best, then, hire a professional Magento development company that has a good experience and can create an excellent and result-oriented website for you. Accordingly sooner, you will start getting a higher conversion rate.  

Magento 2 Honest Opinion- Its Statistics 

Looking at its figure overall, it is estimated that Magento 2 will experience  27,996 unique domains and 33,480 online stores live on the internet in 2020. Below, we have given its websites’ geographical spread:

Magento 2 Usage

Every country has experienced a boost in the number of websites that are created with the Magento 2 platform.  We can clearly see that the United States stands out.  Considering the different industry verticals or website types using Magento, eye-catching results are seen. 

Industry verticals where Magento 2 is being used

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Process of PSD to Magento 2 Theme Conversion

Step 1:  Outline the Idea and Plan the eCommerce Online Store

First of all, in general, it is prevalent to make an idea of all the requirements needed to convert PSD to Magento 2. Here, you need to draw a comprehensive plan of the eCommerce store; that is the logo, appearance, design, features and the best marketing strategy to market the online store.

Step 2:  Develop the PSD Design Accurately

Now, the next step of the conversion process is to make the PSD designs well. Here, you can leverage Adobe Photoshop or some other image and graphic editing software to result in an appealing and clean design. Do not forget about the logo, color, font size, etc, while creating the designs. Try your best to draw the appealing and impressive design. 

Step 3:  Breaking or Slicing PSD file

This step is of utmost importance when it is about converting PSD to Magento 2. In this, the PSD designs are sliced or broken into several layers. With the help of this step, the code of the sliced file gets simplified. This, therefore, assures a practical, dynamic, and efficient conversion. But, in this step, notable precision is required, and do not forget to save every element as a PSD file.

Step 4:  Migrating PSD into CSS and HTML

When the overall slicing phase process of conversion completes, the further step is to code the PSD images in XHTML/ HTML format. Here, you need to leverage CSS to give an appealing and unique look so make it eye-catching.

Step 5:  Fuse CSS and HTML into Magento

When the conversion process of PSD designs to CSS and HTML completes, the next is to combine the coded files in the Magento online store. This step is also essential because, here, you have to make folders, directories, and sub-directories. From this step, you will get assurance that the themes will be responsive and appealing.

Step 6:  Integrating Data to Magento Theme

After fusing into Magento 2, integrate the data into the shopping store. The data could be- the images, products, prices, descriptions, and categories listing.

Step 7:  Testing the eCommerce Website or Online Store

It is the last step in the conversion process of PSD to Magento 2. Here, the online store will be tested. This way, you get assured about its compatibility and functionality. As in the world of mobile, each website has to be responsive- it implies that the website is adjusting itself perfectly in every mobile, PC, or any handheld device and also, on every browser. 

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Why is PSD to Magento 2 Conversion Preferable?

# Exclusive Website Design

Undoubtedly, there are several Magento 2 templates and themes that are accessible in the market. However, as the business owner, it must be known to you who are the potential customers. Also, what the design, look and feel of the website you want is known to you only.

So, with the PSD to Magento 2 conversion, you can have the exceptional theme and design of the Magento online store. Accordingly, you can have many visitors that you can convert to the customers because of the features and attractiveness of the Magento eCommerce store.

# Higher Rankings and SEO Friendly Code 

If you need higher ranking in search engines, then, keep in mind to include the code which is SEO friendly. Magento 2 code abide by this and have code in-built into it. It assures you that after the PSD to Magento 2 conversion, the eCommerce online store will be SEO friendly. 

Magento 2 has a clean and well-structured code in its pocket. It allows you to install the extensions that improve the SEO friendliness of the eCommerce online store. 

# User-Friendly Interface

It is probable that the eCommerce websites are used by many who are not familiar and do not have any technical expertise. We advise you to have a user-friendly navigation system and user-friendly interface. 

This PSD to Magento 2 conversion enables you to make the web pages functioning from the general images. The websites that are built with Magento 2 from PSD themes are easily navigable. It, even, gives you a special benefit that you can upload the video media, images, and audio seamlessly on the Magento 2 store that improves the website user-friendliness. 

# Highly-Functional and Dynamic Interface

The PSD to Magento 2 conversion enables you to have a highly-functional, fully-featured, and dynamic user interface. It holds the capacity to attract as many customers, and therefore, gives rise to the improved conversion rate. 

Even though this process needs expertise from the proficient developers. So, just the highly-efficient developers provide hand-coded and smart markups. 

# Responsive Design Enhancements

From the PSD to Magento 2 theme conversion process, you can optimize the website into the responsive one. 

The customers can then understand the account-related emails and order confirmation from their devices by the advanced responsive default email template functionality. This supports the order histories, multi-address checkout, and, also more additions.

# Optimized Speed 

The PSD to Magento 2 conversion process gives rise to a high-speed website. Nowadays, no one likes to wait for more than 3 seconds to load the website. And, if the websites fail to have a perfect speed, then the visitors move to some other website that increases the bounce rate. 

So, when you are converting PSD to Magento 2, then, the best speed is assured. As it splits the photoshop files into several design layers.  

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Concluding Remarks

If you think that the conversion process of PSD to Magento 2 is complex, then you are somehow right. This is because it demands to code PSD designs in the markup and style sheets like XHTML/HTML and CSS. But, the platforms like Magento 2 have made everything go seamless.

The steps we have mentioned in this article will definitely help you to convert PSD to Magento 2 efficiently and quickly. It will not only make the process user-friendly and gives you the option to plant the videos and music in it. 

With its easily navigable features, the users find it easy to get what they are looking for and can search the data more conveniently. Even, you can highlight the essential services and products to make it appealing to the customers. It will make them buy them comfortably and easily. 

The high-quality Magento 2 codes make the uploading process more agile and will make the website updated. Now, you can get more traffic and more conversion rate.

We hope this article is helpful for you. If you have any query then let us know in the comment section below. Or, if in any case, you have some suggestions then do share that as well. 

Thanks for sparing your valuable time in reading!!