How to Choose a Perfect Magento 2 Theme? Here Are 8 Effective Tips

Undoubtedly, Magento has become one of the most dominant platforms nowadays for all types of eCommerce store development.

As the official Magento website claims, more than 250,000 traders use Magento extensively to date. Many have found success due to its compelling characteristics, which none other platform offers.

And it’s the primary reason that it’s popularity and existence is touching the heights day-by-day!

In addition to it, here’s an important statistic that reveals that there have been more than 700,000+ Magento downloads by 2020 and it keeps on growing to date.

But characteristics & features are not just sufficient to take your business to the next level. Your online store must have a robust & winning design too that lies on choosing the best Magento 2 theme.

Don’t know anything about the Magento2 theme?

Don’t Worry!!

To help you understand everything about this exclusive theme and choosing it for your business, we aim to curate this article.

Here, we are giving you the important aspects of the Magento 2 theme. We want you to read the article till the end as there is something interesting awaiting you that can help you move forward to impress your valuable customers, magnifying your eCommerce store’s look and boost its performance.

Before we begin, let’s explore more about the Magento 2 Theme and how it is important for all types of business these days.

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Basic Benefits That Magento 2 Theme offers

Responsive Design

The businesses using Magento2 theme for their E-commerce store will be able to faultlessly express their site on any screen of any device. Its responsive page factors guarantee a stimulating & engaging browsing experience for the intact device series that your targeted audience uses. Additionally, it help make shopping much more easier than ever.

Superior Product Presentation Characteristics

Businesses using the Magento2 theme can enable their valuable buyers to select between Menu & Framework category illustrations. Gear it up with a responsive stock carousel and give your ecommerce business a new way to expand!

Multi-language Support

All of the Magento2 site designs can easily be translated into 4 main languages: Spanish , English, German, and Russian. This way, it can help businesses cater to a broader international following. Besides, Magento 2 theme has 5,000 extensions, over 5,000 plugins and apps, you can customize your store according to your needs in your preferred language.

Easy Installation Process

Anybody can install, personalize, and manage Magento2 designs with the help of comprehensive documentation, which is dispatched with every design. You will feel like a tech specialist with a detailed step-by-step installation process. Also, it will surely be able to integrate systems for the better clientele.

How to Choose the Perfect Magento 2 Theme For Your Business?

Below is a list of some of the important tips that you should implement while choosing the best magento2 theme.  Scroll down and read thoroughly!!

1. Choose User-Friendly Interface

Being attractive & striking is not just enough, a perfect Magento 2 theme should be reliable and has a user-friendly interface to convince purchasers in the one-go. A user-friendly interface comprises so many things such as an adhesive Shopping Cart, an easy navigation system, a convenient Back-to-Top button, an auto-hide menu panel, or much more.

In short, choose a Magento2 theme that can provide your potential purchasers with an interactive feeling in the best caring way possible.

2. Check Compatibility

To ensure the best results, be sure you choose the theme that is compatible with different browsers without compromising the site’s features &  functionality. You never know where the buyers come across. They can be visited from an extensive range of browsers and thus, you have to ensure that you are adopting a theme that uses a responsive design.

One important benefit of checking compatibility is when your theme seamlessly works on all famous browsers, you will be able to reach a large audience with more ease. It eventually results in an uptick in leads and a number of more sales.

3. Go With The Trend

Based on the business you are in, you can decide if you want to have an eCommerce store with a trendy design or just go for classic web design. If you trade digital commodities, then the insipid design can go well. However, if you belong to the fashion industry, then trendy & slick theme design will be your top-notch selection.

Therefore, we advised you to look around thoroughly, and then find & hire expert Magento developers & service providers whose eCommerce themes are up-to-date.

4. Prefer Social Media Friendly Themes

A highly functional & well-performing Magento 2 theme comes with social settings so that your potential buyers can get updated all the time and share about your site easily. Thus, we suggest you choose an eCommerce Magento2 theme that has updated social media features.

Besides, as you know social media plays an important role in connecting people worldwide, it can allow you to reach a wider audience in a short time and build healthy relationships with them. That’s what you always wanted to have!

5. Prefer SEO-friendly Magento 2 Themes Only

If you want your eCommerce store to get noticed by Google and other popular search engines quickly, then we suggest you choose an SEO-friendly Magento2 theme. Choosing an SEO-friendly Magento2 theme will help you have a high ranking in SERPs and great web traffic too.

If you don’t consider it an important factor, then you can end up losing the huge site traffic, sales leads, and eventually, better conversions.

All you need to ensure for knowing the magento2 themes’ SEO- friendliness is checking for the standard coding practices that compel search engines for fast indexing and better traffic. Also, make sure the theme you are choosing is well organized & right fit in terms of HTML and CSS coding.

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6. Don’t Overlook Theme Customization

One of the general mistakes that people always made is overlooking the theme customization features. If you want to personalize your eCommerce site, then choose the Magento2 theme that has customization features to help you customize your site easily.

Checking the customization feature is essential because sometimes even the most stunning eCommerce themes can go out-of-style after a specific season or a period of time.  Therefore, having a practical tool to customize the colors, design, and layouts of the site can help you better save time and money getting a whole new Magento2 theme.

7. Go For Rational Look & Quality

No doubt, visual effect matters a lot, since it always leaves the first impression in the buyers’ eyes. Therefore, take your time at this step!!

If your eCommerce store is of handcrafted goods only, then a Magento2 theme with graceful lines and tinge scale will be best & heart winning. However, if your store is for clothing, then your site must have block colors and contains loads of bold typos.

Keep in mind that a badly designed site with an obnoxious theme would raise the bounce rate. Thus, go for the theme that looks professional and can cast well a spell on the visitors.

8. Choose Theme Seeing Technological Advancements

If you want success in business, make sure you choose the Magento 2 theme that consists of the latest technologies and can work amazingly with all trending technologies.

Bootstrap 3, CSS3, SASS, and HTML5 are some of the advanced technologies that can design a robust theme for Magento 2 and help your eCommerce store operate seamlessly beyond multiple devices. CSS3 &HTML5 core framework ensures whether the theme is capable of working on all types of screens or not, so you can address a wider audience consisting of smartphone & tablet users.

In short, knowing technological advancement in the theme can help you make a decision wisely whether to opt that particular theme or not! Afterall, it’s a matter of your business success.

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Wrapping Up

Make your eCommerce store or site stand out from the crowd by choosing the perfect Magento2 theme. Hopefully, you find the above-mentioned tips useful for you in choosing the best theme for your business. When you implement these tips, you will for sure analyze the difference!

After all, all of these tips are well-tried by the Magento 2 theme development & customization specialists that have found success in their core industries. If you are also keen to take your eCommerce business to the next level, then begin implementing these tips right away.

If you have made your mind to try out Magento2 theme to stay trendy in the development era, then be sure

To avoid some of the below common mistakes:.

  • Spooky personalization
  • A lot of colors in one design
  • Focus on mobile-friendliness only
  • Extremely visual site design

If you don’t pay close attention to these mistakes and avoid them while development, then you can have a higher bounce rate of your ecommerce site, which can result in down ranking & low web traffic.

We hope these tips will ensure that you’re on the right track to the way of success. And will surely accomplish your desired business goals. Apart from these tips, there are many more that you can ask dropping us a message in the comments below.

However, you are running an eCommerce store and have implemented such tips, so do share your experience with us. Your experience, suggestions, and opinions means a lot to us! Rest, for discussing your queries, feel free to email or contact us.

For now, let’s wrap it up & give us a chance to assist you in the future!

Happy Reading!!