Key Considerations For Choosing the Right Magento 2 Extension

Ecommerce solutions hold a flexible and creative nature. Both of these aspects make online businesses more effective. Though, the internet is full of several eCommerce platforms; but the one which has become everyone’s favorite is Magento 2.

The main reason behind its popularity is the extensive features and functionalities it includes. 

Setting up an eCommerce store with such ease was not possible earlier. But, with Magento 2 extensions, it is now probable!! 

Surely, many of you must not be aware of Magento 2 extensions. That’s why we are here- to give you a comprehensive idea!!

The sole purpose of this article lies behind giving you a glimpse of Magento 2 extensions. And, revealing the important measures to have the best Magento 2 extension for your eCommerce website.

What is Magento 2 Extension?

Basically, the Magento 2 extension is a set of PHP code. It has functions for upgrading the Magento 2 default store functionality. The major practices of the eCommerce website, backend or frontend goes by the Magento 2 extensions.

It is the package that includes; database schemas, settings, rendering objects, utility helpers, database data, action controllers, data models, etc. The extensions either could be created by all seven or by only one.

These are then incorporated in the code pools, that permit secure and safe customizations; also, it can increase the code functionality as well. With the utilization of the code pools, the developers assure that the native functionality can get upgraded with the core product’s new version. It has a protective layer that protects it from any changes made by the merchants to the platform.

The development of the extensions is via the huge network of Magento partners for providing flexibility and store maintenance according to the business requirements.

Not to forget, the Magento community has a large amount of paid and free modules. These can be accessed after downloading from the third-party developer website and Magento marketplace catalog.

You will notice thousands of Magento extensions there. After logging in the Magento connect, you will find the new version of the Magento 2 extensions every week or a day even. 

We have seen that there are almost 6000 of premium and free Magento 2 extensions that can fulfill all of the business requirements.  But, this extensive range of extensions makes it tough to choose the best extension for the eCommerce store. 

Considering that, we have outlined some of the tricks to keep in mind while looking for the Magento 2 extensions. Check them out below:

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Different Ways of Choosing the Right Magento 2 Extension

1. Clearly Define the Purpose

Magento 2 has several outstanding functionalities and features by default for the eCommerce store.  It is a helping hand that lets you create the awesome eCommerce website to run a successful online business on the Magento platform. 

When it is about Magento extensions, you can get great help to develop the eCommerce store more impressively.  It proffers the supporting features that fit perfectly in particular business requirements.  Hence, there is no need to install the Magento extensions, even, it costs you much. 

Magento 2 has many extensions that are basically required for the Magento eCommerce store to run the business in a more effective way. This is applicable when your business has some particular requirement and there is a need to get the extension of your niche.  

Ajax  Add-to-Cart, Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field extensions, Add Multiple Products to Cart, Auto Cancel Order, Customers Also viewed and Also Bought, and so on are the examples of them.  The Magento 2 extensions enable you to run the business critically, keeping the website performance more intact.  

Though, the number of extensions Magento 2 contains can confuse you, but, that is not an issue. Every extension is created keeping the general and advanced business requirements in mind.  Here, our advice to you is that before purchasing the Magento extension for your eCommerce store, you need to look at specific business requirements and needs. After that, find out if they are justifying the needs or not.  If it is, then go with the installation process, and if it is not, then look for another extension or you can ask the Certified Magento Developers to assist you with the same. 

2. Look for Different Copy Providers 

The reports have revealed that approximately 60% of the customers prefer to buy the extension that has less cost according to the demand and supply regulation. The less prices compel the customers to purchase the extension without looking at the in-depth extension coding quality. 

It is generic that the price is an essential thing when it is about picking and purchasing the products online. The users basically buy those products that have less cost than other service providers.  

In a rush, they overlook the vital factors such as refund policy, quality, several different features, upgrade policy, support services, and so on. Even, many a time, when you must have noticed the product, that looks perfect in features, but not in price.

Many copy providers are there in the market of the eCommerce world as there are less who like to put some sort of effort in extension development. Hence, it is desirable to examine every feature and functionality without negotiating in the quantity and quality before securing the purchasing decision.  Here, our recommendation to you is to purchase the Magento 2 extension from the well-known Magento eCommerce development company. 

3. Understand the Quantity and Quality of Extensions

Basically, most of the service providers showcase every single feature of the extensions to make all look the same. Hence, it is better to self-experience them to know the fundamentals behind it. 

Here, our advice to you is to spare some time to examine the frontend and backend demo adequately and know if it is running perfectly.  Check out the customization, easy configuration, and the front end design. Moreover, do not forget to check if it is fulfilling all of the business needs or not.  It is because most of the features only look good, but do not address the requirements. 

Also, you can experience the demo as well before the extension installation. It allows you to decide what extension works best for you according to the requirements and needs of the business efficiently.  This is how you can select the perfect features of the extensions by experiencing the backend and frontend before buying them. 

Consider that the outstanding extension is best according to the business requirements and needs. Otherwise, the whole of your time, money, and efforts get wasted.  Hence, be selective and make the best decision.

4. Check the Available Support 

The next thing to keep in mind is to look for support for buying a suitable extension effectively from the service provider.  The best thing about this is that- this allows you to use the experience of the professionals or developers. Also, it streamlines and eradicates all the errors that occur in between. 

Many service providers are there that assure you the free support for approximately three months. The other service providers offer you free support for almost six months after the extension purchase.    Along with this, few service providers are also there that do not offer any kind of support and even ask you to pay for the support of the services. Though, some offer free support for the premium or paid Magento 2 extensions. Hence, it is better if you will get free support before buying the extensions for the online store.

5. Review Product “Change Log” 

After examining the product “change log”, you can find what is the product life-cycle and check how it is considering the design and quality.  Find out what enhancements are integrated, such as, updates,  bug fixes,  frontend and backend demo,  newly added features, coding-quality, and so on.

Also, it is essential to understand the latest updated date of the chosen extension.  Monitor, if it supports the recent Magento version and, in the end, know if its designing has fulfilled the latest eCommerce industry demand and the customer’s requirements efficiently. Looking after these things will allow you to decide how regularly the extensions are getting updated to the new version. This ensures that the extensions have got all the security updates and patches.

The product changelog lets you decide whether it is fulfilling all the current requirements and needs. If it is, then proceed to the next step, if it is not then, find another extension.

6. Review Money-back Guarantee 

This is another essential factor that is required to get checked before buying the Magento 2 extension for the online store.  This implies knowing the money-back guarantee if in any case, you are not satisfied with the services or products.

Do not purchase from those service providers who are not complying with this factor.  Generally, no one likes to buy the extensions from such service providers.  All prefer the quality and require the outstanding features with the functionality enhancement and new improvements and money-back guarantee for purchasing particular products. 

We allow you to go through all the guidelines and policies well before downloading and installing the extension in the eCommerce Magento store.

7. Check out the Reviews 

Looking after the reviews is also another tip that allows you to choose the outstanding Magento 2 extensions rightly.  The reviews have an important role to play in carrying out the online purchase even if it is about buying Magento extensions; it enables us to finalize the correct decision in the correct way.

Checking the reviews and ratings is a great idea for every single product to know what others are thinking about the services or products that you are about to purchase.   The reviews can be checked on Google, website, Magento connects and some prevalent platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. 

Give some attention to the customer policy, plenty of features, free support,  quality,  and some other enhancements correspondingly.  If the extensions are working best for you, then monitor the reviews thoroughly, and proceed to the next step to buy if everything went well according to the basic requirements and needs of the business.

8. Know the History of Service Providers

Finding the history of the service providers is helpful in understanding the service provider. The main things, such as;

  • From how many years they are into the business?
  • What about the products? 
  • Are the products top-rated?
  • Who are their customers?
  • How many projects have they completed? and so on.

This is critical to check and find out the information by means of the number of customers, ratings, quality, and completed the Magento 2 projects.  It is known that several Magento competitors are there in the global market.   

These companies offer paid and free Magento 2 extensions to customers globally, hence, it is essential to know if the services are unique or not.  The information can be examined by browsing the eCommerce website, with the company history, product reviews, contact details, clientele, and more social media platforms efficiently.

9. Contact the Service Provider 

Contacting the service provider is also the way to experience the service provider, integrating the service and products. This is also the other tip to build and submit the ticket to the support team to examine how promptly they revert to the tickets or emails.

This allows you to know how they revert to the tickets and also, helps you to know if they are targeting sales or only replying as you want, including what they do, who they are, what they can’t and assist you further. 

The interaction with the service provider assists you to know the nature of the company in communicating with the new customers and insists on them purchasing.  Therefore, we recommend you to interact first to know how they entertain you by means of queries and services & products before buying.

10. Compare Extension Prices with Same Functions

We cannot underestimate the pricing factor, it is an essential and crucial factor while choosing some product. In general, most of the users liked the lower prices. Although, looking at this not only costs you the time but, also, breaks the business. 

The reason lies in the fact that you have not paid attention to the other vital elements, like, upgrade policy, quantity, and quality of features, support services, refund period, and so on. 

Hence, it is not of any use if you only rely on the price as an essential factor. This is the reason why it is essential to look at the price after finding trusted providers. Several extensions are there, that is the same in features, but differentiates in price. 

Hence, you have to be smart enough to choose smartly and know why the features are the same. According to us, the first reason is that they have similar releases and thoughts at the same time. And, the other reason is that they are the copy providers as not all can pull on the efforts to create the extensions.

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Test the Magento 2 Extensions

  • Experience the Extension Personally

Most of the time, the service providers declare several features of extensions that are the same. Although, the user-friendliness does make the difference. Hence, you must spend the time experiencing both backend and frontend demo.

Here, you must examine some elements at this step, which are easy configuration, smooth-running, and frontend design, etc. Most of the time, it is not ideal for every feature, therefore, it is the one you require the most.

If the extension has some demo version, then you must assure it after downloading and testing. after checking the  the backend and front end versions, then it is very much more agreeable. Obviously, you like to assure that the extension can be set-up easily and executes smoothly and fulfills the expectations.

In addition, no extension is best for every eCommerce store, hence, you have to move one step further and start making changes to convert it into the extension that ticks every box. This implies that the interaction with the service providers of some features and functionalities and considering the price of the modified product is necessary and essential.

  • Find out the Product’s Life Cycle in Changelog or Release Note

From this stage, you will get to know about the product’s life cycle to notice how the provider concentrates on boosting the outcome with any number of improvements, bug fixes, and newly integrated features and so on.

The extensions can be helpful in the past, though, you know the eCommerce is growing so quickly, it needs updation on a regular basis to fulfill and meet the current customer’s requirements. Furthermore, the service provider who is paying attention to upgrading the extensions regularly should be appreciable.

Additional Tips for the Final Decision

  • Paid Installation or Free Installation

Installing an extension without some errors is accessible for the inexperienced and newbies.  In general, free installation has to be the top priority.

  • Product Customization

Assure that the Magento 2 extension can be customized easily. If you are checking extensions that its website builder provides product customization service, then it is easy to understand that it can be customized easily and quickly. 

  • Support Duration

Here, it is the time you require dedicated free support regularly. When your website has got some errors or bugs, then you can contact them and immediately, can get support.  In general, here is the time to support the service builder to integrate the detailed product page. 

Therefore, support time is required when deciding about an extension. Many Magento extension development companies present at least one year of support.

  • Show it to the Magento Developer

The Magento developer must have a look at several code pages.  After checking, the developer will reveal whether the quality is best or not; Or, if you have to get the Magento 2 extension or not.

  • More pricey or more cheap Magento 2 extensions are not the best choice

Any extension may have problems, which can cost you not only money but also time. Hence, there is nothing to ensure that expensive or cheap extensions have no difficulties.

  • Test the Extension on the Demo eCommerce Store with a Money-back Guarantee

Assure that the test store is a copy of the eCommerce website with all data settings and extensions. Accordingly,  you might get to know the issues of the eCommerce store. That is the connection of extension errors with real store settings. Frontend display problems, conflicts between extensions, and other products are also some of these names.

What are the Expectations of the Existing Extensions?

After choosing the right extension for the store, if it’s from a pre-built option from the marketplace or an extension built by the customer.  First install it, test it, and launch your real-time eCommerce website.

Preferably, most shop owners would say that they want this to be the last time they need t28about saving the business money on time.

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Concluding Remarks 

This article was all about Magento 2 extensions and how to get the best one for your ecommerce store.  By following all the tips, now, you can choose the best extension easily for the online store.  Which can fit perfectly to all business requirements and needs.  More tricks and tips are there, but, we have mentioned the best one that can work for your business.  

Now, you have an idea of how to get the best Magento 2 extension, so, what are you waiting for? Get the one and have the perfect solutions for your online store. 

We hope that this article is helpful to you. If you have related queries or suggestions, then, let us know in the comment section below. 

Thanks for reading!!