Magento 2 Extensions – How & Where to Find?

Are you satisfied with the Magento 2 default?  No! 


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It definitely is chaotic for those who are new to this platform.  Undeniably, the merchants find it tough to understand and improve the Magento 2 website.  Of course, it is complicated to manage when there is a lot of work to manage the online store. 


With several providers that provide tons of products with a variety of features, it is assuredly a long task to go through the product details and compare them with others. Before directly getting to know how to run, there is a necessity to crawl at first.   Stay with us and know-how and where to find the Magento 2 extensions!

What is the Magento 2 extension?


Magento is the most leading platform meant for online trading. There are around 11000 Magento websites that operate on Magento 2. Though, in some cases, the online store’s basic functionality is not enough. Therefore, to change the ideas to reality, the eCommerce website uses custom or customized modules. These types of modules tend to improve the online store functionality. 


The Magento 2 modules could be built for any type of improvement which is responsible for improving the marketing scheme, frontend, backend, sales motivation, user experience, and so on. That is the reason behind the platform’s popularity. 


In addition, those merchants that do not have much knowledge of the tool could use extensions to manage the website with some help from Magento 2 development agency. You can purchase these products from the Magento Marketplace. It is the reliably selected extension builder partner of Magento 2 either paid or free.

Magento Default Shortcomings


Magento comprises the fixed features that only is advantageous for the online business, basically.  Though varied services or products have a different range of characteristics, some features are present in the online store. And, could be regarded as a prominent feature or an obstacle while promoting the products. 


Consider the case; B2B eCommerce website offers a wholesale experience according to the Magento platform, the actual conversion method may result in wastage of time or discomfort. Even, it results in a higher bounce rate and less conversion rate.  Hence, the inappropriate features need to get replaced with different customized features particularly according to the business capability. 


From the Magento modules, the unsuitable features lacking in the programming skills will not bother more.  What more?  The customers are becoming demanding on a daily basis. It results in an increase in the percentage of multi vendor websites with a good quality experience.  Indeed, it is putting more pressure on the business owners, because the customers expect only the best service and right professionalism than the others in the same field. 


Therefore, there is a need to leverage the Magento 2 extensions to convert your online store effectively. Let the website visitors find you by researching the right extension for the online store.  Less bounce rate and more revenue are assured. 

Steps to find the Magento 2 extension for your eCommerce website

Step 1# Know the type of online business you need

know the type of online business you need

At first, you need to visualize the products you are providing? Which characteristics need improvement on the eCommerce website? Also, check out the Magento 2 default to find the features that you could use for enhancing the website?


The other way is the Shortcut. That is, you can visit the competitor’s website to get an idea to create the background more effectively than them to give competitiveness. Check out what are the features that they have and you do not. Look after the website properly, get every single detail and then, create the website with a user-friendly and exceptional approach. 

Step 2# Move to Extension Market

Move to extension market

The right place to get the Magento 2 extension is third-party providers and the Magento marketplace. From the Magento Marketplace, the experienced and skilled Magento partners gather. They create offers for the merchants and extensive solutions that assist in making the business successful. 


Including the vast amount of products, the merchants can discover the modules from several providers with the keywords in the search box (at the top of the page). Exactly from here, you can obtain the required modules that might be provided by different providers. This place lets you find the right providers directly because many times, the third party does not upload the available products.

Step 3# Choose the suitable providers

suitable magento providers

Here, you need to decide from which vendor you like to buy the extension? Do not make any decisions in a hurry. Some dollars do not assure that you are making smart decisions. 


For merchants, it is complicated to manage the technical difficulties. Hence, this point can be neglected, the technical team needs to make the commitment to avoid the issues that might occur while carrying out the operation. Get access to the provider site and make the decision on different fundamental criteria before making any deal. 


Below are some of the points that need consideration and evaluation:


  • What is the amount you want to pay?


While selecting a provider to buy the module, keep a check on the price.  Know how a change in the price affects quality. Keep in mind that you have to analyze the competitive price for the technical support quality. 


  • What benefits are you gaining?


It is important to compare the policies and the advantages you can get.  The benefits could be lifetime updates or policies for refund.  Moreover, you must examine the number of domains that can be used for some particular extension.  Know if it can be installed and properly work with the current Magento version.

  • How much support is needed?


Consider the compatible issues, offers of services,  live conversations from the live chat system and email.  Comprehensively,  monitor the attention they give when interacted, mainly from the live chat system.  Are they dealing with the canned messages or responding slowly?  Also, the way the provider’s technical team is assisting and what are their commitments for free technical services. 


Step 4# Buy the module

buy the module

In the end, when you have decided on the item to buy, check again if it has compatibility with the recent Magento version to assure it works properly with the Magento version and edition. Then, you can buy it from the Magento Marketplace or the third-party providers.


Where can a Merchant Find Magento 2 Extensions?


A Merchant can find required Magento 2 extension at Magento Marketplace.


Magento Marketplace:


Magento Marketplace works as a bridge among the third parties and merchants that are in the Magento developer community. For the best Magento experience and remarkable work of the Magento developer community, it guarantees to promote better extensions. 

To find the extension, you can fill in the keyword related to the extension in the searching box. Also, this could be found in some particular area that needs improvement with featured categories.  Later, check out the details of the extensions from different providers and select the particular product. 


After finding the products, you must read the details of the product to find out if the products fulfill the store demands or not.  Also, remember to check the module compatibility with the recent Magento version.  The detail will assist in assuring that it works properly with the Magento version or edition. 

Magento 2 Extension Providers


Other than Magento Marketplace, there are several Magento 2 Extension development companies that offer paid or free Magento extensions. The best thing about approaching the providers’ store is that you can get connected with the provider. The consultation to have the right solution can also be asked.


From designing, development, customization, theme installation, Magento migration, Magento extension development to support and maintenance, they can help! In addition, with their assistance, you can improve your website SEO and get a better ranking in SERPs. 

Concluding Remarks


For creating a Magento online store according to the customer’s expectations, the merchants must take some initiative towards the Magento 2 extensions.  Either the Magento 2 extension providers or Magento marketplace can assist you in finding the one. 


For more information, you can contact  Magentofx! Our skilled Magento developers are experienced enough to give you the right quote.  Drop a comment below. Thanks for reading!


   Frequently Asked Questions


      1. What are the benefits of individual extensions for Magento online stores?
        • Improves the basic functionality of the online store.
        • The centralized access controls the modules with the admin panel.
        • Extensions designs as per the recent version of the online store. 
        • Because of the non-standard features, your online store thrives.
      2. Inhouse or Outsourcing: Which Team to choose for extension development?Outsourcing the extension development implies hire Magento 2 developers from companies to develop the project or help in implementing particular tasks. Outsourcing is:
        • Cheaper than in-house
        • Higher Speed of development
        • Skilled or experienced professionals
        • Variety of ideas
      3. What are the best Magento 2 Extensions?
        • Start Kit (Special for Theme Vendor)
        • Marketing
        • Checkout
        • Gifting
        • Search & Navigation
        • Social
        • Site Management
      4. What is the estimated cost of custom Magento extension development?
        • For module development, the cost ranges from $2,500 – $5,000
        • For designing, it costs around $750 to $3,000
        • The total cost of an extension that requires design will cost from $3,250 to $8,000.