Magento 2 Security Checklist- Tips to secure Your Ecommerce store

Noticeable growth has been seen in the eCommerce industry lately! 

The retail eCommerce sales globally are 4.28 trillion US dollars, and e-retail revenues can grow up to 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022. It also reaches 22% in 2023.

These valuable statistics are what permit in making strategic decisions and make the eCommerce industry thriving. 

But, not to forget, every positive thing comes with a negative aspect as well. Most of the eCommerce stores are experiencing attacks from hackers.  

The major reason behind these attacks lies in setting up, managing, and indeed, the security of the website. Because internet fraud is ubiquitous, hence, the customers do not trust each eCommerce website to buy. 

Of course, online businesses are also at risk to get target by malicious customers. It results in loss because of refunds and credit card chargebacks from the customers who pretend to receive the orders.

From all the eCommerce development platforms, Magento 2 is the preferable one and has shown tremendous growth. 90,578 live websites are using Magento 2 and other 76,658 sites historically use Magento 2 and 1,850 websites in India, confirmed by the graph below.

magento trend for ecommerce


Why Choose Magento 2 for website security?

Magento 2 provides exceptional security to eCommerce websites. As compared to other platforms that consider security as an add-on, the Magento 2 platform has built-in security, right at the heart of the platform. 

Therefore, despite the operational history and the size, it is evident that if anyone is considering starting the online store in 2021, their only choice is Magento 2.  Though, many eCommerce retailers do not know that Magento provides excellent security practices. Though Magento reinforces regularly, so, there is a Magento 2 Security Checklist that website owners must follow to gain fruitful results.

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10 Tips to protect the eCommerce store with Magento 2 security checklist

#1. Update To Latest Version

There are many reasons to pick Magento 2 for your eCommerce website. The first one is that the structure of this platform is ultimate. The platform makes the development and maintenance of the online store easy and scalable. When it is about extensions, the Magento 2 provides many extensions as contrasted to others.

Besides, if you like to assure the security of the Magento 2 eCommerce store, then, use the current version of the platform. Many websites hack as they do not use the latest version they are working on.  So, update the Magento version to the new one.

#2. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication

These days, the secure password to the Magento 2 website is not sufficient. To have control over the attacks, you should use two-way authentication for the Magento website security. 

The Magento 2 platform provides an exceptional Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) extension that offers a layer of secrecy. It only permits the trusted devices for accessing the Magento 2 backend with four several authenticators.

The built-in Magento 2 Two-factor authentication extension allows you to improve the Magento 2 admin security with security code and password from the mobile phone. Always remember that you share only the code with the authorized users for accessing the Magento Admin Panel. 

In addition, there are Magento 2 extensions that offer Two-Factor Authentication. Therefore, you do not need to bother about the password-related Magento security risks.

#3. Build the Custom Admin Path

Many hackers launch automated strategies that search for standard configurations. Then, attack the Username and password combinations brutally. Therefore, you should build the custom Admin Path.

Build the Custom Admin Path

A small change from to’additional-information’ will make it complicated for the hackers to attack.

#4. Examining File Changes

If you are noticing any change in the file, that is deleting, or addition of some new files, then, believe us- it is the sign of attack. Because we are so engaged in the business, we fail to notice the changes in the website. Therefore, it is advised to hire the Magento website development company to maintain the eCommerce website. In addition, you can leverage the advanced software to find the changes in the website. 

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#5. Disabling Directory Indexing

To disable the directory indexing is a must to enhance the Magento store security. After disabling the directory indexing option, the different paths from which the domain files are stored hide. It hinders the cyber crooks to access the Magento 2 oriented website core files. Also, they can access the data when they know the full path of the file.

#6. Secure Admin RSS Feeds

secure admin rss feeds

The Magento 2 has an RSS feed as the best feature. It is the XML-oriented data format for categorizing the data to the users. From this information, the customers can subscribe to the online store for new updates of the deals and the products.

Several RSS feeds to the website admins that allow the admins to review the orders, product reviews, and stock availability, etc. Magento 2 has an easy authentication box that holds the information of username and password to assure security and limit hacking. The details are the same as the Magento 2 Admin pages. After logging in, Magento 2 will show the details that the Admin wishes to check. When the complicated Username and password are used, then, the security from the brutal attacks from hackers is assured.

#7. Choose the right hosting plan

It is known that the shared hosting plan is a competitive hosting solution for eCommerce websites.  In general, for the Magento 2 beginners, shared hosting works as a good solution.   Even though, advancing in hosting implies you are settling on the Magento store security.

Dedicated hosting is also a better option, besides, it might prove to be inadequate for the requirements as you are confined to a single server. It restricts the resources, and if there is an unexpected increase in traffic, the website will malfunction. 

On the other hand, the Managed Magento 2 hosting platform is the best choice- one that assures robust security with numerous patches at the server level.

Do not forget the common hosting plans, it is better to provide the features that they cannot deliver.  Do not use the plans, because they do not know about the Magento 2 security issues.

#8. Magento Extension Security

magento extension security

Another factor of the Magento 2 security checklist is to get more extensions for handling, operating, and protecting the eCommerce website. The extensions will not only improve the core features of the website, however, will also confirm the website security. Even though, you need to check if the selected extension is developed actively with constant updates.

In addition, the Magento 2 security extension should be available for downloading authentic sources. Most suited to verify the sources before extension downloading. 

#9. Use A Firewall

use a firewall

According to the study, performed in a decade, approximately 95% of online store’s witnesses three main threats:

  • SQL Injection
  • Application Vulnerability Exploits
  • Injected Code

If you are managing the WAF, then, it helps prevent eCommerce store attacks. It also offers you a website by virtual patching whenever there is a release of a zero-day vulnerability.

#10. Get Security Maintenance

get security maintenance

Hire a dedicated Magento developer from the professional Magento development company. It assists in maintaining the eCommerce website with much security, regular updates, and the best speed. Despite the industry niche, the Magento 2 developers at Magentofx assist with the best support.  

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Concluding Remarks

We have presented you the checklist of the Magento 2 to assure security to the eCommerce website.  It is advised to integrate them all in the online store to protect the website from hackers. 

If there are any other tips that you are using to protect the website, then, share them with us in the comment section below.  We would like to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!