Magento 2 Security Extensions – Protect Your eCommerce Store From Online Attack

For many people, owning an e-commerce store is a rewarding ambition.

Of course, every firm must establish a presence among consumers to remain competitive.  The problem is that many clients are unaware of what is happening with a company’s online store.

Customers, on the other hand, find it unsafe to shop online if they are aware of the company’s online store. Here, Magento comes as the best and leading choice of all the business owners to design the eCommerce website. It offers several modules and extensions that keep online buying and selling safe and convenient. 

However, sometimes the advanced threats and cyber attacks are unbeatable by the website itself. So, every platform must include eCommerce site security extensions to accomplish this.  In this manner, the company can boost sales, reduce risks, and increase profitability.

Do you also own a Magento 2 eCommerce store?

Looking for its security?

You should look into the below listed top extension alternatives. But first, let’s look at the different types of Magento 2 vulnerabilities that can occur.

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Magento 2 Security Challenges

Although Magento 2 has strong security features, identifying cyberattacks is becoming complicated and daunting. Some security hassles include:


This malicious programme prevents users from accessing information and generates a notice with a fee demand to resolve the issue. Clicking on unknown website URLs leads to malware installation on the website.

As a result, if your Magento 2 site is insecure, you should install the Magento 2 security extensions to protect your online business.

Code Executions

When performed on the Magento 2 server, this malicious code can appear to be the most significant threat. The cyber attackers create the CSV files causing the threat to both the server as well as the eCommerce store.

Brute Force Attacks

Brute force attacks entail guessing passwords and combinations over and over until the hackers are unable to reach the accounts.

If the password is weak, hackers leverage this force attack to seize the account in seconds. 

BotNet Attack

This attack intends to send fraudulent messages. Such attacks simply imply the customer’s data security and no possibility of cybercriminals gaining access to it.

Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

One of the most common cyberattack examples is cross-site scripting (XSS). Malicious scripts are uploaded onto unprotected websites by hackers. Furthermore, when every end-user obtains the malicious script via app usage, such attacks occur. 

Importance of Magento 2 Security Extensions

Magento 2 security extensions are built to save the online eCommerce store from hassles like frauds, cybercrimes, spam, and more. Furthermore, Magento 2 helps businesses to create a responsive website by providing a variety of security extensions that help deal with a variety of cyber assaults.

Integrating such extensions into an online store’s website helps to improve security, prevent malicious assaults, and receive notifications for any unidentified security attempts. Consumer data is protected from cyber-attacks thanks to security extensions, and brand reputation is secured as a result.

You may also hire a Magento website development company to get all of these benefits and keep your online business safe from cybercrimes. Experts effectively design and develop websites for Magento platforms, as well as how to incorporate appropriate add-ons and plugins for website security.

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#1. MageReport

Mage Report - Magento 2 Security Extension

Hypernode’s MageReport enables Magento store scanning for detecting vulnerabilities. Furthermore, this security extension also includes a guide to deal with the identified hassles. MageReport extensions easily identify the patterns and are capable of detecting threats fastly than usual. 

In addition, MageReport is provided by Hypernode, a Dutch hosting firm that keeps up with the latest Magento to stay competitive in the market trends.

#2. Two-Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authenticatic- Magento 2 Security Extensions

The usage of two-factor authentication ensures that the admin panel is only accessible to you. Cybercriminals will be unable to access your account or log in to your eCommerce store to extract information such as orders, payment information, and so on.

This Xtento security addon requires a one-time password in addition to the username and password to gain access to the account. The concept is straightforward: simply go to the Magento backend’s Users section, get a private key, and scan your phone’s barcode.

As a result, no hacker will be able to access your account without this OTP, saving your website from malware.

#3. Mage Firewall Security

Mage Firewall Security

This add-on protects the business’s online store by adding an exceptional layer of security to the system. When someone attempts to log into your online store, the Mage Firewall Security extension bans and blacklists intruders and informs you.

Moreover, it includes a scanner that evaluates unpatched security issues and provides advice for website setup. The great feature is that it works well against brute force attacks.

#4. Geo-IP Ultimate Lock Extension

 Geo-IP Ultimate Lock Extension

This lock extension is useful for limiting traffic from other countries to specific CMS pages, goods, or the entire store.

GEO-IP Ultimate Lock is based on IP blocking and allows online store owners to select product parameters such as colour and price, limiting anonymous access to certain product or service categories.

This way, you’ll be able to detect and stop intruders from entering the store in real-time. Besides this, it supports a variety of languages and can provide free assistance.

#5. MagePlaza’s Magento 2 Security Extension

MagePlaza’s Magento 2 Security extension preserves and secures the data of the website and its users. This extension’s enhanced warning system also inhibits break-in efforts.

The MagePlaza addon for Magento 2 store security generates automated risk alerts, blocks IP addresses, and only permits the administrator to trace login information.

#6. Magedelight Magento 2 Extension

Due to the safe and quick delivery of transaction data, businesses can simply operate an online website leveraging this extension. Magedelight Magento extension supports accept.js, which enables the addition, update, and deletion of cached cards, ensuring the security of consumer payment information. Furthermore, the risks of fraud transactions eliminate further supporting refunds.

#7. Amasty’s Security Extension

Amasty Security Extension

Amasty Magento 2 Security extension safeguards the website from unwanted dangers. Spyware protection can also be accomplished with the two-step authentication module and the ability to increase IP addresses to the list.

#8. Improved Admin Security Extension

The Improved Admin Security addon guards online eCommerce stores against data theft and cybercrime types. It includes two extensive modules including Two-Factor Authentication and Admin Watcher.  Both of these modules are designed to prevent online store passwords from falling into the hands of cybercriminals.

In addition to this, these modules work on several platforms including Blackberry, Android, and iOS.  However, to get the finest security for your store, all you have to do is hire Magento 2 extension development services.

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Wrapping Up

Ultimately, you can pick any of these Magento 2 extensions to maximize the sales of your eCommerce store without any second thoughts. Additionally, these Magento 2 site security extensions will allow you to streamline, automate, and improve your online business processes. As a result, with new features like these, it’s vital to protect customers and businesses from online attacks. Hope you find this write-up beneficial in deciding which extension to use for your Magento 2 site’s security needs. Thanks for Reading!!