Guide on Magento Shopping Cart Configuration

Your online store success majorly depends on its shopping cart! Of course, it is!  A Shopping cart is a place from where the buyers can check the existing orders and keep track of recently ordered products. If your eCommerce site is on the Magento platform, configuring the shopping cart is easy according to your business requirements. The aim of this article is to show you the steps on Magento shopping cart configuration. 


How to configure Magento 2 Shopping Cart

The prime objective for the configuration of the Magento 2 shopping cart is to define the type of functions or activities to perform for visitors. Magento platform enables you to set up different variations such as cart thumbnail, quote lifetime, redirect to cart, etc. 


Configuration of Redirect link to Magento Shopping Cart


It occurs when the user places a product on the shopping cart. This enables them to checkout.

  • Sign in to the Magento admin panel
  • Redirect to Store->Configuration
  • Choose Sales -> Checkout at the left panel
  • Expand cart section now

shopping cart configuration

  • Fix the settings according to the requirements of your online store.
  • After completion, choose Save Config.


Configuration of the Mini Sidebar for Magento Shopping Cart

This type of sidebar shopping cart hovering in the upper right corner displays a summary of your Magento cart. For enabling it:

  • Redirect to Stores->Configuration
  • In the left navigation panel, make Sales and select Checkout
  • Expand the Section- Mini Cart
  • Fix the items or products to show the scroll bar and the total number of products to depict. 
  • Choose Save Config

mini cart

Configuration of the Cart Link

This option can be configured to find if the card icon shows the various products or SKUs. 

configure the cart link

  • Choose the Cart Link Section from the Checkout Section
  • Expand My Cart Link 
  • Select from the available options.
  • Save Configuration

save cart

Configuration of the Gift Options for Magento Shopping Cart


From here, you can enable the users to include the available greeting cards or gift messages.

  • Redirect to Store-> Configuration.
  • Choose the Sales section
  • Select the Gift options
  • Allow the below permissions
  • Choose the Yes Save Config
  • Save Configuration

configure gift option

Configuration of the Persistent Magento 2 Shopping Cart


The concept of configuring a persistent Magento 2 Shopping Cart is that you can mention the period of the cookies and additional options for customer activities. Check out its workflow below:

Magento Persistent Shopping Cart Flow 


The persistent shopping cart in Magento 2 counts on those values ​​we fixed from the backend. Magento Persistent Cart keeps a record of if the customers use various gadgets for shopping. Considering, you have added some products from the desktop. And, soon after, you want to purchase something else and use the phone this time for the same. 

While checkout, the device is again changed such as tablet or iPad. This is how you have completed the checkout process even using different devices. Persistent Magento shopping cart works this way.

While doing so, the Magento eCommerce development uses only persistent cookies for every browser. Hence, when using different browsers while shopping and if any changes appear at a single browser, then, it will be shown on every browser when the page is refreshed.


Read on to know how the persistent shopping cart in Magento can be enabled. 

  • Sign in to Magento Admin Panel
  • Redirect to Store->Configuration


  • Expand the Customers from the side navigation panel 
  • Choose Persistent Shopping Cart.

choose persistent

Initially, you won’t notice multiple options. To do this, enable persistence to Yes.

enable persistent

Then, there is an option- Persistent Lifetime (Seconds). In this option, you mention how long (in seconds), you like the persistent cookie to stay.


To choose “Remember Me”, pick the below options:

  • When you choose the option “Yes“, then, it will show the Remember Me checkbox at the login page for customers to save the shopping cart details. 
  • When you choose the option “No“, it will enable the Persistent option.  However, the visitors cannot see the chance to save the details.

Below is the default option to determine the details of customer’s of your online store. When you choose Yes, checkbox “Remember Me” by default.

Customers according to their choice can uncheck the option. 

enable remember me

Fix the Clear Persistence to Log out to No or Yes. Check out below the difference between the two:


  • Yes:  When a registered user signs out, the cart gets cleared.
  • No: When a registered user signs out, the Magento shopping cart will be saved.

clear persistant is signout

Now, choose the Persist Shopping Cart to No or Yes. What it implies:

  • Yes: Persistence is preserved with the expiring of the session cookie.
  • No: When the session cookie expires, the Magento cart will not be preserved.

Set persistant to Yes

In the end, choose the Save Config for saving every Setting. 

Concluding Remarks


Now you know how to configure a Magento 2 shopping cart. If you cannot implement these, then, hiring Magento experts is the best option. They are proficient and know every basic to advanced functionality related to the Magento Shopping cart configuration. 


Do let us know how you found this article? Is it helpful? Share your thoughts with us below in the comment section!