Best Way To Optimize Magento Store For Voice Search

The trend towards online shopping is increasing significantly. Leading eCommerce platforms such as Magento 2 are getting upgraded as of the innovative technology. Voice Search is one of the eCommerce technological advancements.

The recent statistics speak for themselves. 27% of users use voice search in a day at least. It is revealed that the global smart speaker revenue will reach $35.5 billion by 2025.

From the above statements, we can say that the era of voice search is not going to end anytime soon. There are several reasons for it; easy accessibility, the beginning of smart devices considering voice technology, like, Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Home, Apple’s Siri, etc. 

Online business owners must optimize Magento 2 stores to remain competitive and get profitable results.  We are here with the tips that help you to optimize the Magento store for voice search. Let’s find out!


Why is Magento Store Optimization Beneficial for Voice Search?

  • Accessibility

Of course, voice search gives higher accessibility. Those with learning and cognitive impairment, physical disabilities are getting immense benefits from this voice-assistant technology. The problem of typing manually easily gets solved now. Voice search assists the disabled person in making countless requests from voice commands. Additionally, those with temporary limitations and who cannot type get major benefits from the voice search.


  • Speed

There is no doubt that the voice commands to the device give results at a higher rate than the manual way. The users can enter or search the information with the voice search and receive the desired outcome. Hence, save a lot of time.


  • Convenience

Despite the location your customers are and what their activities are; you can reach them easily using voice search.  That is to say, it is available to all at any time and any place. 

In addition, different smart speakers have Artificial Intelligence that examines the shopping history of visitors and provides results.  Like, if your online store deals with medicines, then, AI knows that the customers have to purchase the new medicine each month. And, hence, notify them to include it in the shopping cart.

How does voice search affect Magento shopping?


Unsurprisingly, voice search is transforming the way users purchase or shop.  Around 5.5 million US people are purchasing smart speakers regularly. Indeed, this number will grow in the future.

The voice search assists the customers in completing their buying journey seamlessly. Comparing the product prices, searching them without even redirecting to the website is easy with voice search. 

We cannot only call it a convenient approach, however, it also saves the user’s time, that everyone falls off.  25 wpm is the approximate typing speed, though, voice search only takes 100 wpm. Assuredly, everyone will prefer using it.

Hence, it is essential for the Magento 2 online store owners to optimize their stores for voice search. This is important to stay ahead in the market without any loss of existing or potential customers. 


What are the Ways for Magento 2 Website Optimization for Voice Search? 

1. Use Natural Language 


Google says that 70% of voice searches for Google assistant are provided in natural language.  There is no standard search term used in the usual web search.  This number clarifies that you have to find out those conversational and long-tail search queries which your customers are using in searching.

Then, there is a need to use the right phrases and keywords for creating the content that benefitted the longer voice search queries. It is essential as there are many users who are using the voice-enabled technology and are most likely to speak longer search queries, the same as they talk in real life.

The fundamental idea is to examine how users are asking questions in social media groups or online forums according to your business area. It gives you an opinion of how they are searching for the services or products you offer on the Magento 2 online store.

Incorporating and focusing the conversational and natural languages in the content improves the website ranking for voice-oriented results. 


2.  Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

Most of the voice search queries are done from portable and smartphone devices. 2020 statistics reveal that 20% of the searches on smartphones and 25% of the queries of android are voice-oriented.  Hence, your online store has to be mobile-friendly for mobile commerce and accessibility on every device.

It includes responsive and adaptive web design, images optimization, assuring fast website loading, a voice in different key processes to improve the voice search page ranking. Soon after completing all the formalities of mobile-friendliness, online tools such as Webpage test and Google page speed insights can be used. These are essential to monitor the performance of the website on the mobile phone.

The mentioned tools give you a comprehensive reporting of the online store performance. And, it advises you on how to grow the performance on desktop and mobile devices. 


3. Increase Page Loading Speed


Once your website is optimized for mobile, move towards improving the website’s loading speed.  Considerably,  more users leave the page if it is taking more than three seconds to get loaded. So, assure that you are not on that list. However, when it is about voice search, users expect more. Additionally, page speed is also the Google rankings factor; hence, working on it is important. 

Google PageSpeed Insight could be used to analyze the loading speed. All you need to do is to type the URL and operate henceforth.  Basically, optimizing caching, avoiding inline CSS/JS, or redirect resizing images assists in gaining the required web speed.


4. Look after Featured Snippet  


Featured Snippet is also termed as Quick Answer box. It is the direct answer to the search query on the Google search result page. Featured Snippet is extracted from one of the top search results for that search query and includes the URL and page title of the site.

Certainly, featured snippets have a higher influence on SEO for voice search and general text-based search. Google places code snippets at zero or zero ranking on top of other search result lists. It is essential for voice-based searches because they provide voice search responses. This only indicates that when there is a snippet similar to the voice search query, the voice software reads the snippet with the site from which the search result comes.

The studies say that almost half of the voice search queries are carried out in 2020.  Therefore, it is highly important for you to get the Google coveted featured snippet box. Below are the practices that could be followed for Magento 2 website optimization for the featured snippet:

  • Search the query for ranking and check the featured snippet type Google is displaying. Find if it is a list, paragraph, or tabled featured snippet, create the content according to the query and move towards ranking to a particular snippet type. 
  • Generate engaging title tags and meta-descriptions
  • According to the study, the featured snippets were extracted from the top ten websites ranked on the Google results page.  Considering this, adhere to the best method for optimizing content for the web page for ranking the first-page search results.  
  • Carry out content formatting with clean code. Assure to leverage right headings, tables, lists, etc. Put the query within the content in the H2/H3 tag. It includes the right answer below headings directly. 
  • Answers have to be embedded in paragraphs; it needs to be 54 to 58 words long. Make sure you are using phrases such as  “here is”, “follow these steps”, “begins with” and other phrases in relevant places in the post to indicate that you expect answers.


5. Leverage Long-Tail Keywords


As Google introduced its Hummingbird algorithm, long-tail and context keywords became more valuable for higher rankings in SERPs. As per the algorithm, by using natural language and tone, online interaction should feel more humane. 

Therefore, tough keyword usage rules are no longer valid or outdated. For ranking higher, consider the visitor’s requirements and how the content can solve those queries. 

When it is about voice search queries, include the basic question words like, what, where, how, and why as users use these works while providing voice commands. Work on the typical long-tail keyword rule and overlook the general keywords.


6. Prioritize Local Search 


Searching the basic voice search statistics indicates that the mobile device users perform location-specific voice search three times. That implies the customers carry out the search queries for the service providers close or nearby.

To enhance the eCommerce Conversion rate, you must optimize the Magento 2 online store for the local market. It demands you to create a comprehensive local SEO strategy that basically includes adding or updating the complete or correct business details to the Google My Business Listing.  Location verification, maintaining the business hours, managing, updating, reverting to reviews, including high-quality images, and optimizing the online store locator page for local search is also included. 

Carrying this not only optimize the Online Magento 2 for local search. However, it enhances the chances to present to users who conduct the localized voice search query of the services and products you offer. 


7. Structure Magento 2 Store For Customer Journey Map


After finding the right keywords, focus on the voice searchers’ behavior for generating an accurate sales funnel.  Simply, make an outline of the steps. It could be a checkout page, landing page considering voice search behavior, and online store structure.  

To begin, find the difference between voice-based and text-based searches.  Then, move towards examining the visitors who are reaching the actions and the product pages they are searching before purchasing.  Additionally, find out the reasons for cart abandonment and think about the solutions to boost conversion rate. 


Concluding Remarks


Technology makes the eCommerce industry flourish. Digital assistants are the major reason behind this.  Voice search has, however, become necessary to opt!  Its growth rate is increasing splendidly. Hence, the big names are adapting and investing in it. 

Be one of those tech players and optimize your Magento store. If you find it complicated, hire an Expert Magento Developer to do all the needful. They are experts who need do’s and don’t of every element related. So, what are you waiting for? Get it started!