Cart Abandonment – Tips to prevent it on Your Magento Store

Cart abandonment is the most common outcome of how people navigate websites in the eCommerce industry. Many users may be comparing prices, some may be shopping, and others may be saving products to buy later.

Stats says:

  • The average cart abandonment rate across industries is 69%. 
  • Mobile shoppers have an abandonment rate of 85%.


All these figures appear to be increasing, and they may worsen if no solutions or actions are implemented. Thus, resulting in a high checkout rate and unavoidable cart abandonment.

Although there are no specific answers, you can rely on and use the methods listed below to prevent cart abandonment on your Magento store. Also, in such a circumstance, you can employ Magento eCommerce development services for professional help.

Reasons Behind Increase in Cart Abandonment Rate


The stats say that 69% of window shopping activities end with cart abandonment. And the reasons for this are given below. 


  • Lack of Trust: When purchasing online, all customers want their personal information and payment data to be secure. As a result, if your website fails to resemble its digital image, there will always be a lack of trust.
  • Complex Checkout Process: Anybody shopping online would not want to add the items in the cart and then end up navigating the checkout for hours. If it is the case, they won’t be able to make the purchase, resulting in the abandonment of the cart.     
  • Unnecessary Charges: Another reason is the unexpected shipping charges, tax, or other fees. Of course, no one likes to shop with the pricing they were not expecting. 
  • Undefined Return Policies: A return policy that is confusing or unsatisfactory also works as a major roadblock in the buying and sale process.


Effective Strategies to Prevent Cart Abandonment on Magento Store


#1. Follow Up on Abandoned Carts

Follow Up on Abandoned Cart

Have you ever found yourself putting items in an online shopping cart just to abandon them later? Of course, everyone does this, and then they find themselves with emails in their inboxes convincing them to buy.


Although it is hard to eliminate abandoned carts completely, online companies can use this strategy to increase sales and encourage customers to return.


Luckily, there are several modern digital marketing platforms available. All such intuitive tools help to prevent any abandoned cart issues. You can send follow-up emails with the right service provider. It will assist in reminding prospects about their left purchases and allowing them to reconsider purchasing.

If you have a Magento-based website, you can also hunt for extensions and plugins that help store owners enhance sales. How? The majority of these extensions include automated reminders and alerts.

In most cases, you can send follow-up messages to the user within a few hours after they exit your Magento store. You can contact them again after one day or after with the second notification. You can also offer discounts or incentives to convince them to shop.


#2. Support Secure and Multiple Payment Gateways

Support Secure & Multiple Payment Gateways

Customers appreciate a variety of payment gateways for eCommerce shopping. For example, PayPal, NetBanking, and Amazon Pay are just a few examples. While providing all of these options to customers is commonplace, adding more options might assist yield more sales. As a result, customers will trust in making safe and secure payments with you.


Each customer, of course, has their preferences. Knowing the consumer persona can also assist you in selecting the optimal methods for fulfilling the audience’s needs.

#3. Provide Discounts and Avoid Unnecessary Shipping Charges 


Though not all stores may find it a cost-effective solution, offering free shipping is one option. Most of the time, shipping fees stand in the way of completing a purchase. As a result, minimizing redundant shipping expenses can be the key. It will improve the shopper’s journey, reduce abandoned carts, and increase customer loyalty.

This can be accomplished by keeping the brand’s shipping policy open to the public. Customers that qualify for free shipping over a certain order size should be highlighted throughout the website. Ensure that visitors can readily discover information on the site if they require additional information on delivery schedules and pricing.


#4. Exit-Intent Popups are Worthwhile

Exit Intent popup

Popups appear to most marketers to be distracting. And this is especially right when they are utilized ineffectively.

However, using exit-intent popups allows targeting website users at the optimal time. As a result, revenues will increase while the probability of consumers abandoning the site will decrease. 

Exit-intent popups, unlike standard popups, react to customer activity and offer the opportunity to extend the duration of the visit. Even if they leave the site, simply staying in touch with them will boost the chances of them returning to your store in the future. 


#5. Incorporate Push Notifications


Even though email is a widely used digital marketing tool, it falls short of attaining real-time involvement.

While web push notifications are still in their early stages, smartphone notifications are widely used. They are the best solution for reducing the rate of abandoned carts as compared to email. Visitors will be less frustrated and more likely to complete their transaction if you lower response to direct access.

Visiting the brand’s mobile app is also more convenient than using the website on a mobile gadget.


#6. Simplify Checkout Process

simplify checkout process

Without a question, streamlining the checkout process is crucial. Assume you’re a consumer, and you’re going through the checkout procedure. Check to see if it’s fully optimized and working properly. If the answer is no, you should reconsider your options.

One of the most common issues that cause customers to abandon their purchases is the need to create an account first. Not every consumer wants to create an account with an eCommerce store, especially when making a one-time purchase. As a result, it is your responsibility to provide the option for visitors to check out as guests. It will prevent them from feeling like they are forced to create an account and will minimize cart abandonment.

You can also ask them to store their information for checkout if you require their contact information or emails for the future.


Summing Up


To summarize, there is no quick way to increase Magento sales. These six methods, on the other hand, will undoubtedly assist you in lowering cart abandonment and transforming them more into sales. 

Remember that fine-tuning your digital marketing strategy is a continuous activity. To stay competitive, it’s vital to keep an eye on the results and continuously advance the approaches.