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Magnetofx provides extension development services for Magento. Our Magento experts build, integrate, or customize extensions based on your e-commerce specifications. We do not perform core modifications and keep the integrity of Magento updates.

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Magento Extension Development
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Magentofx builts customized Magento extensions and modules by in-depth analysis of your business requirements. Magento allows its users to combine custom extensions for the e-commerce business that is perfectly suited to the eCommerce business. Our team guarantees that the intended extensions match with your business and Magento’s basic functionality.

With the practice of building front-end and back-end extensions for Magento, your website has broad prospects as a feature-rich website.

Magentofx has served some of the most prominent online companies and customized extensions in an accurate and error-free manner. We know that nowadays, time is the king. So, our team assures you to complete your work requirements before the deadline undoubtedly. Our experts have designed and developed these extensions to make them fully functional, helping to make e-commerce e-business operations smoother and faster.


Magento Extension
Development Services

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Magento Extension Integration

We integrate pre-built Magento extensions in your e-commerce website to add the features you need.

Exceptional Business Agility

Magento Extension Upgrade

Magentofx update’s existing Magento extensions to give more value and make them perform properly.

Magento Extension Compatibility

Magento Extension Compatibility Check

We assure you that the custom extensions are compatible with your eCommerce website and serve the purpose it is built for.

Magento Extension Troubleshooting

Magento Extension Troubleshooting

We provide 24X7 troubleshooting services to guarantee the early resolution of Magento extension issues.


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Development Services

Extended supportExtended support

Extended support

We have a fully-skilled expert in our team. Get help from the developers, designers, SEO experts, project managers, and marketing specialists.
working approachworking approach

Our working approach

Magentofx does not follow any hard and fast rules to execute the work. It is simple- we work closely with our clients from the initial phase till the final delivery phase.
Guaranteed ROIGuaranteed ROI

Guaranteed ROI

We assist your eCommerce business to create multiple times profits from your investment done with Magentofx.


Business confidentiality is assured with us. We give you a transparent work environment to ensure you can examine the project and serve adequately.
Committed to successCommitted to success

Committed to success

Our team of Magento extension developers gives quality solutions and services to various e-commerce stores.
Industry trendsIndustry trends

Follows Industry trends

Magentofx is apprehensive about the latest technologies to offer you highly flexible solutions with Magento extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guide me about the Magento extension?

The Magento extensions are the PHP code block- a combination of functions. It is added to the Magento to boost its functionality. It permits you to integrate custom features and functionality in every area of your Magento eCommerce website.

Do you use the Magento extensions to build the eCommerce website?

Although there are plenty of Magento extensions. They can cause maintenance and safety issues. Hence, we have our own set of extensions that can create a Magento website for large and small businesses. The third party extensions are only used when required.

How Magento extension development services enhance my website performance?

We provide Magento extension development services to assist you in transforming your eCommerce site into a robust selling engine.
It improves the Magento eCommerce software and offers shoppers with outstanding user experience. We offer Magento services to customize our Magento expansion to fulfill your website needs.
According to your target audience, we can tailor the theme for you. We assure you that it does not affect the professional look of the store.

Do you recreate the extension of other CMS for Magento compatibility?

Yes, we do! We can recreate and migrate business logic that can work in other CMS.

Will my extension compatible with the next Magento version?

We assure you of the compatibility with the latest versions that will be released before the launch of the project. We are not sure about the changes that may occur in the next version, so it is not possible to commit about the thing that cannot be accessible with us is not possible.

Our Commitment & Guarantee

Magentofx has reached multiple milestones and has been appreciated by the valued customers. We are known for serving the world’s top brands by providing real results.

Use of best practices

Use of best practices

We only follow the best practices with the industry standards to deliver the best eCommerce solution. The Magento conversion process is checked and validated before giving it to you.

Seamless workflow

Seamless workflow

Magentofx practices the project management system to assure you a seamless workflow for the undertaken projects. We assigned a dedicated project manager to manage project’s details.

24X7 support

24X7 support

Our highly qualified is available 24X7 to give you technical support and to assist you in every single query of yours.

Qualitatively exceptional

Qualitatively exceptional

We, the leaders in Magento development services have been entrusted to producing high-quality solutions that power us.