Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Thanks for connecting to www.magentofx.com. It necessitates signing an agreement that shows your acceptance of our terms and conditions when you continue to use our website. You are bound to follow below terms and conditions and privacy policy to govern your relationship with this website.

The Website Owner, with subsidiaries and affiliates (“Website” or “Website Owner” or “we” or “us” or “our”) confers the information of website or some other pages including the website (“website”) to visitors (“visitors”) (termed as “you” or “your”). It implies to the terms and conditions mentioned in the website, the privacy policy, and any other essential terms and conditions, notifications, and policies that apply to a particular module or section of the website.

Privacy policy

The privacy of your website is understood to us. When you are working with us, 100% security is assured. All your contact details, such as email id, phone number, messenger, or some other pieces of information, will be considered when we interact with you throughout the project. Along with this, the data can also be practiced when it becomes required to update you about the latest trends and technologies, product launches, features, and offers. Any manner that can breach the security of your details is not followed here.

Notice of Copyright

We only want to convey our message that website content, such as information, entities, text, links, audio, graphics, videos, software, communication, and animation, is secured under Copyright Laws. We strictly do not allow any distribution, copies, publishing, recreation in any manner (commercial or personal). In addition, this copyright notice does not even acknowledge reverse engineering of the services and content features on the server.

Policy against an offensive act

We expect from our clients that they do not use any improper language or conduct (shows racism, vulgarity, hatred) in the website’s comment section. Magentofx will not tolerate such conduct. Those who will practice these types of behaviors have to bear the prosecution. We have the right to refuse material associated with punishable crime terrorism, revenge at any point in time. It can reasonably eliminate anything that would break our policies.

General Declaration and termination

While website browsing, the visitor can give the affirmation to the terms and conditions mentioned above. If there will be any legal issue, the jurisdiction will conduct the prosecution. And when the terms and conditions are proven to be right then, the attorney fee will be paid by the winning side.

On the contrary, the clause will be minimized to guarantee that the implementation of the terms and conditions document will not be affected at all, in case the terms in the document cannot be enforced.

The terms and conditions document includes complete services. Also, this document is the proposal of an agreement between the website and the user. This agreement will remain in effect until terminated by the user or Magentofx. We can end this agreement at any time without notice to you.

Termination from Magentofx will restrict users’ access to this website due to their failure to comply with this document and any terms or regulations given in this document. It is advised to destroy the materials obtained from the website and copies of these materials with an instant effect.

Registered Trademarks

Domain www.magentofx.com and trademarks Magentofx and Magentofx Ltd. are wholly owned brands of Magentofx Ltd. We can sue individuals or organizations that claim to hold them in any way.

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