Top Web Push Notification Extensions For Magento eCommerce Site

Those who run their eCommerce business on the Magento 2 platform are probably familiar with the use of extensions for things like pop-ups, cross-sells, and push alerts. Push notifications are the most important of all because they can help you obtain more sales from your online store. Besides notifying the customer about forthcoming updates, these extensions can be more profitable. It can convince customers to shop from your store, subscribe to your email newsletters, add product images, and much more. 


Furthermore, when ads are prohibited, emails are overburdened, and social networks are congested, only alerts remain as a viable means of reaching clients.


However, with a wide range of web push notification extensions available, businesses find it daunting to select the most effective and profitable. Also, there are several practices of web push notification that can be benficifical to increase business revenue. 


So, let us explore the helpful and reliable extensions below.  


Best Magento 2 Web Push Notification Extensions for eCommerce Store


1. Magento 2 Push Notification by Mirasvit

Mirasvit is a reliable push notification addon that you can utilize. It’s a browser-independent module that fits all the platforms. As a result, you’ll be able to reach the customers effectively, regardless of how they like to connect in the digital world.

Web Push Notification Extensions by Mirasvit
Magento 2 Push Notifications extension: Mirasvit Push Notification

Feature Highlights:


  • Personalized Notification Settings: It allows you to tailor information and alerts to each customer. Furthermore, you can modify the notification setting as per the target times. Promotions, the announcement of new launches, events, and so forth are examples.
  • Pop Up WarningSetting: Makes customers easily view push alerts without opening the site since they have enabled notifications to appear on screen for your offerings.
  • Flexible Functionality: You can design, edit, and update push notifications to produce a new variant of notifications.


Other advanced benefits of this Magento 2 push notification extension include speedier messages, simple subscription, increased client involvement, and so forth. Besides, this module can be easily used and works best with the Magento 2.0.x to 2.2.x.


Besides, the help of dedicated Magento developers to gather the best push notification choices can be the option. 

2. Magento Push Notification Extension by Webkul


Webkul’s web push notification extension is really easy to set up and integrate. However, in terms of compatibility, it is only functional with desktop browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This is the extension that was built with SSL security certificates in mind. It also has no monthly subscription fees or limits on the number of users who can subscribe. With this plugin, customers may quickly get real-time notifications.

web push notification extensions by webkul
Webkul push notification

Feature Highlights:


  • Encrypted SSL security certificate
  • Users can keep an eye on their customers from the back-end
  • Easy for admins to create, modify, or eliminate notifications


3. Wigzo Notification Extension for Magento 2 Store


Wigzo is a customization tool that allows eCommerce business owners to send push alerts to their customers. The ability to deliver tailored push alerts is another vital feature of this addon. It has a higher conversion rate than standard messaging communication.


Feature Highlights:


  • Customer retention and revenues improve
  • Allows for real-time connection with customers
  • Simply sends tailored push alerts to clients to keep them engaged
  • It’s compatible with both Android apps and desktops
  • Analytics and tracking in real-time


4. Push Notifications Extension by PushAssist


This Magento 2 extension enables push alerts to several platforms, including Open cart, WordPress, Drupal, and more. It’s a website connector that adds the needed functionality. The Pushassist plugin is simple to use and works with a variety of browsers. Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers are some of the examples. It also works well on mobile devices. It also works well on mobile devices.

Web Push Notification Extensions by PushAssist
Push Notifications Extension by PushAssist

Feature Highlights:


  • Admins may quickly develop and maintain push alerts, upload photos, and redirect to URLs
  • Users can get notifications through their internet browsers.
  • The site’s subscribers can be effectively handled.


5. Magenest’s Notification Box Extension for Magento 2


The term implies that the purpose of a notice box is to provide clients with important information and messages. The data includes products, offerings, upgrades, and services, among other things. Magento 2 tools, which have more functionalities than SMS or email, are the ones that Magenest offers.

Magenest's push Notification Box Extension
Magenest’s Notification Box Extension

Feature Highlights:


  • Design Customization: The design of the notice box is up to the admin. This means they can change the picture and text URLs that customers see.
  • Keeping track of the amount of notifications: The header section can consist of a notification box. Furthermore, some customers may be annoyed by web push alerts. It allows the admins to ensure that each consumer receives limited notifications each day.
  • Online Data Management: You have the option of sending notifications instantly or later as an admin. When working with a large amount of data and information online, this capability will save a lot of time.
  • Unlimited Number of Notifications: There is no limit to the amount of alerts sent to customers because the extension is linked to Firebase.


OneSignal Push Notification Extension for Magento 2


OneSignal is another module that allows online Magento 2 eCommerce stores to receive push notifications. Over 165,000 partners trust it around the world. The OneSignal was created with simplicity in mind: 

i) Simply register an account

ii) Select a plan and install push notifications

iii) Connect your business to the platform, and begin sending alerts to the followers.


However, browser support is restricted on the platform. As a result, Chrome notifications appear on both Android and desktop platforms. Safari notifications on Firefox and Mac OS X are also supported. It also works with both HTTPS and HTTP sites.


Feature Highlights:


  • The plugin allows admins to tailor the messages and emails
  • There’s also A/B testing and factual data
  • For improved targeting, customers can be examined and separated into numerous groups


Summing Up


This list of useful and functional Magento 2 web push notification extensions will help you make a better pick for your Magento eCommerce store performance needs. For example, compatibility, important characteristics, etc. Without a doubt, each module serves a different purpose and has varying qualities. What they all have in common is that they allow users to adjust their settings.

In addition, if you require Magento extension development services, you can contact Magentofx. 

We have a team of Magento developers who have knowledge of the best web push notifications practices, how to integrate the extensions, and design the responsive Magento 2 eCommerce stores. 

Hopefully, you would be able to select the best of all from this list that helps in your sales plan.