Web Push Notifications – Best Practices to Enhance eCommerce Conversion

Every eCommerce company’s goal is to get as many customers and make as much money as possible. Nevertheless, it’s a fact that users don’t become regular customers on their first visit.

It necessitates that businesses interact with their customers, retarget them, and get them to click on the “Buy” CTA.

Website push notifications are the most effective tool for communicating important messages to potential and current customers. Simply put, it’s a marketing strategy aimed at increasing customer engagement and, ultimately, sales.

Stats put it better:

This implies that push notifications can be the right medium to reach the target market. However, there are some practices that must be followed to achieve the positive outcome from such notifications and alleviate the negative impacts. 


How Web Push Notifications Benefit Businesses?


  • Instant Interactions

The use of web push notifications helps businesses stay in touch with their customers on the go. Any back-end message or update is sent to the audience immediately. This way, firms can have a real-time and extensive reach into the target market.

  • Increased Engagement

URLs are used in emails to direct visitors to a specific location within the content. However, web push notifications only require a single tap from visitors to reach the expected place.

This means your business can have an increased engagement rate if you create eye-catching notifications headlines.

  • Boosts Traffic

Web push notifications also have the benefit of increasing customer inflow for companies. However, this is only feasible if you properly market your eCommerce store.

Assume you’re running a limited-time discount promotion. Using push notifications in combination with attractive headlines can help drive real-time traffic to an eCommerce store.


  • High Opt-in-Rate

Web push notifications, as opposed to traditional pop-ups, don’t require any information from users.

To receive push notifications, all you have to do is click the opt-in option. Hence, web push notifications have a higher opt-in rate than traditional newsletters or pop-ups.


  • Turns Visitors into Loyal Customers

Web push notifications are the best way to convert visitors into subscribers and then into long-term customers.

If visitors choose to receive web push notifications, this means they are already familiar with your brand. Additionally, such visitors further become prospects who may wish to purchase from your store soon.


Best Web Push Notification Practices to Increase eCommerce Store Conversions


1. Promote Limited-Time Sale for Faster Conversions

When we see a flash sale or something on discount, we get a bit excited. Businesses can take advantage of this mindset by sending out push notifications that announce a sense of urgency.

In the notifications, you can mention how long the sale will be running. As a result, conversions will be maximized, and CTRs will be higher as well.

2. Optimize Timing for Web Push Notifications

Click-Through-Rates can be increased by sending web push notifications at the proper time. Alerts sent too early or too late will have little impact and may lead to declined opt-out rates.

Have you ever come across a customer who complained about getting annoying notifications at the worst possible times? It’s not just annoying; it causes people to unsubscribe.

Thus, creating an organized user time zone and ensuring that notifications appear only at the appropriate times should not be underrated.

3. Restore Store’s Abandoned Carts

Restore Store's Abandoned Carts By web push notification

One of the biggest issues that Magento eCommerce stores have to deal with is recovering abandoned carts. The user frequently adds items to their shopping carts but never completes the purchase. This causes cart abandonment. 

Here, the key is to get in touch with your customers at the right time and prompt them to stick with your brand. In addition, there may be numerous reasons why a person abandons the goods, but you have the option of continuing the effort. Send notifications to customers about the items still in their shopping cart to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Abandoned cart web push notifications are an excellent way to regain lost revenue and raise conversions. 

4. Target Market Segmentation

Target Market Segmentation

Generating mass notifications to all subscribers is not a good idea because not all customers are the same. 

To develop an effective marketing strategy, segmenting your audience is a must. In simple terms, this means creating targeted user groups based on predetermined criteria. It’s this strategy that allows collaboration and meeting the needs of different customer segments.

Additionally, you can classify customers based on their preferences and purchasing patterns before sending out notifications.

5. Product Price Drop Alerts

Product Price Drop by Web Push Notification

In a traditional brick-and-mortar store, customers can always argue over the price of the item. However, this is not an option in an eCommerce store. This is why customers prefer to shop when they see a price drop in online stores.

Businesses can better inform customers about a price cut by sending them web notifications.

Impulse purchases are often the result of receiving push notifications or alerts. Also, it encourages customers to buy their desired product at a lower cost than the original one. Thus, raising conversions and sales.

6. Alert Customers About Back-in-Stock Products 

Alert for Back in storck - web push notification

Loyal customers keep checking the store’s website to see when the items will be back in stock. Also, seeing their favorite items ‘Back in Stock,’ can help the businesses keep the customers interested.

However, excitement is associated with the possibility that the item can be out of stock anytime.

Hence, websites use push notifications to let them know when a product they’re interested in is back in stock. Additionally, this encourages customers to buy right away, increasing the conversion rate.


7. Monitor Click-Through-Rate and Conversions

It is a very crucial measure to consider when thinking of boosting your web push notifications strategy. Calculating the effectiveness of CTRs and conversion rates enables the stores to understand the website productivity. 

As a result, conversion tracking is necessary to determine how well your push notification strategy is working. Also, you’ll understand why your site’s conversion rates are low when the CTRs are high.


The Bottom Line

So, this is it! This article discusses the basics of using web push notifications as an eCommerce company. Just keep in mind to pay attention to what your customers have to say and make adjustments as a result.

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