When and Why Should You Hire Magento Developer?

The one industry that has experienced a high boom nowadays, is eCommerce.  

The only reason behind it is an increase in the demand for purchasing products and services online.  Every other person, even the businesses are heading towards online shopping portals. 

Though, it is good news that everyone is preferring digitization comparatively, but, at the same time, it has also become vital for businesses to establish their solid online presence. 

All this demands nothing more than creating a website.  It is the website that is the reflection of your overall brand.  This online store is an investment that keeps your business going irrespective of all the factors. 

As we have cleared it earlier that it is just a website you need, but you need to choose a platform to create a website. The market has several platforms, each has its own benefits, but, by far, the one platform that we trust is Magento.   You can also hire a Magento developer to assist you to create a website for your store.  

So, if you have made your mind to make a powerful online shopping website to have an exceptional experience to the customers by means of functionality and UI of the eCommerce website, then, Magento is the best platform you can go with. 

Why Magento?

If you are still not convinced to choose Magento then, check out the below benefits of to secure your decision

  • Magento is a flexible, secure, and stable open-source platform.
  • When it is about mobile-friendly configuration, then Magento succeeds. Magento 2 platform has the mobile responsive admin panel from where you can manage the website using the mobile phone from anywhere.
  • Magento incorporates SEO features that enable every user to configure the eCommerce website. It is the best possible way to improve the website search engine ranking.
  • Integrating the third-party system is easy with Magento. Taking assistance from a professional Magento eCommerce development company, integrating the order management or third-party shipping system is probable. 
  • It has an extensive store of extensions that allows all users to achieve an exceptional eCommerce website functionality. Its repository has 100’s of third party extensions, in free and paid versions both.
  • From the best HTTP accelerated technology and full-page caching in Magento 2, upgrading the website performance and scalability is easy. So, if you have not started using Magento 2, then do it now, upgrade to Magento 2 and experience the new features.
  • Magento platform has a simple and refined checkout process for you to give the best user experience to get a higher conversion rate.
  • You can also integrate different payment gateways with the eCommerce website.

Knowing how Magento is beneficial for you, it becomes essential to create one, or if your website is up and is operating on Magento, then you need to manage it again.  And, all that is not an easy task.  Hence, you need to hire a Magento developer to make everything easy and error-free. 

Now, when it is about hiring the best Magento developer, there are bucket lists of factors that we need to take care of.  So, for your convenience, we are here with all those factors to make your journey seamless.  Check them all below:

Reasons for Hiring a Magento Web Developer

The first and foremost thing that all you need to consider before hiring the Magento developer is that you must know why you need a Magento web developer.

Magento is a complicated tool that requires extensive technical knowledge. So, if you are planning to create a fully-functional online store, then, you must know all the ins and outs of the Magento platform. And for that, a certified and experienced Magento web developer is required.

Find out below to know how hiring a Magento developer can be beneficial for your website.

  • Time-Saving

Hiring the best Magento web developer can help save a lot of time of yours. The time it takes to handle the tough coding and other tasks, all eradicate. The professional Magento developers have all the abilities to cope up with every error and basic requirement. Now, you can keep your attention centralized on sales, branding, and marketing.

  • Technical Assistance

The experienced Magento developers can also give you awareness related to Magento and show you the elementary parts required while running a website. Despite having a website, you have to deal with other logical stuff as well. The best developers can assist you with HTML and PSD customization and theme development so that you can use the upgrades and updates of Magento 2 to its best.

  • Modification

Allowing your online store to stay ahead is not an easy task, a lot of hardship is there. It demands creativity and uniqueness on the eCommerce website. Ensure that the Magento developers know about the customization and professional norms of the website. Hiring a personal web developer means communicating directly anytime whenever any alteration or modification is required.

  • Better Performance

A website has to perform better in all aspects and that only a professional Magento web developer can assure you. Those who do not have the technical knowledge should assuredly get the Magento developer to enhance their website appearance, for providing the security and speed, and for managing the backend issues of their online store.

Outline your Online Store Requirements Before Hiring

The next thing that you have to consider before hiring the Magento developer is to outline your website requirements. If you are not apparent with what you need then, hiring the best web developers is not going to work for you. So, ask yourself the below questions prior to hiring:

Know whether you need a backend developer or front end developer? The roles and responsibilities, skills, and expertise; both vary with the website. Check out below how you have to differentiate”

  • Front-end Developer

The job of a front end developer is to set the website look and make it engaging- it is all about navigation, layout, and colors. The front end developer has to be perfect with the below skills:

  • Back-end Developer

If you want to create server side-logic and keep a central database or make an online app for the online store, then, back end developer is needed. The backend developer has to be detail oriented and technically perfect to provide the asked results.

  • Full-Stack

A full-stack developer is the one who is proficient in backend and front end development tasks. The businesses that have less technical knowledge prefer full-stack developers. It is because of the reason that back end and front developers can manage the technical problem and tackle every part of the website.

When you have decided that you need either a front end or back end developer, the next thing to know is to find if you need a full-time, part-time, or freelancer.  Getting your hand done on this will help you to decide the budget, the workflow design, and the task deadline.  Also, you must know if you need a developer on a contractual or permanent basis. 

Steps to Hire an Ideal Magento Web Developer

As of now, you know why you require a Magento web developer and the skills to look after before hiring them. Below we have outlined the steps to follow to hire an ideal Magento developer for your eCommerce website. 

  • Ask for References

The references play a major part in the overall process. They will help you to assess the developer well. Demand the references and keep the communication intact with them. You can get to know their working culture, skills, and persistence, particularly.

  •  Reviews & Ratings

We all prefer to look at the feedback from the customers before purchasing anything online. Then, why not before hiring the developer. Do it- it is important!!

From here, you will have an idea about their professionalism, excellence, working style, candidate’s profile, etc. You can also check out their professional website or online accounts to get notable information. Read the remarks and comments from their previous customers and make your decision.

  • Review Credentials and Work Portfolio

Checking out the certification and portfolio of Magento developers is vital to assure whether you have made the right choice or not. From a work portfolio, you can get to know their working methods, skills, and existing work. Hence, you can easily relate your project with the skill sets. The Magento web developer’s portfolio is the best for:

  • Experience
  • No. of projects
  • Design and development
  • Proficiency
  • Lesson plans
  • Certifications
  • Frameworks
  • Communication and Availability

Find out their communication way and availability after examining their work portfolio. It has to be a fundamental thing to look before hiring the Magento web developer. Consider if you are hiring them on the contractual basis then assure that they are there for you whenever you need them. Of course, 24X7 availability is not possible. So, you can ask them the best available timing and explain the changes in the project. 

  • Define your project

Here, you have to mention the exact project details and guidelines with the hired Magento Web developer. Or, you cannot get the required results and also, you will ask them to do the changes again and again. Besides, while hiring the Magento developer for the online store, assure that the developer has no issue with your demands and due dates.   

  • Test with the paid project

In case you have some doubts about the Magento developer expertise and you to assure whether he is the right choice for you, then, test him on the basis of a paid project. It is important to execute this because you have a big project that takes more time and effort.

But, do ask them if they have time to carry out the test, and assure them you are hiring them and are satisfied with their skills and expertise. 

  • While asking them to perform the Magento development test on the premium testing tools, you are saving time and time at the same time.
  • From here, you are limiting the chance to get the wrong developer.
  • The paid test tools can also help you to outline the technical recruitment effectively.

Skills to Seek in the Magento Developer

Now, after, knowing their work portfolio, resume, reviews, certificate, here, comes the time to examine the technical knowledge for web development. So, for that, you have to outline the skills your developer should have. Be clear about the experience, languages, knowledge, and technicality you require in the developer. Below we have mentioned some of the competencies you should look in the developer’s resume:

  • Development Skills

Yes, it is an obvious skill but is essential at the same time. The expert must have adequate knowledge regarding the Magento platform to carry out the important tasks on the eCommerce website. The developer has to be expert technically and should be versatile enough to use the development and skills expertise to the website needs. While looking after their experience in development, check out their hold on:

  • Custom eCommerce solutions
  • Magento website development
  • Magento module and theme development
  • Shopping cart development
  • Custom extension development
  • Industrial Knowledge

Similar to development expertise, industrial experience or knowledge has to be considered. To find their industry expertise on the Magento web developer, you need to look at the below aspects:

  • Examine their previous projects and know their knowledge, challenges, and frameworks of the industry.
  • Find out if the developer is certain on all Magento versions, like; Enterprise, Go, and Community.
  • Know about all the Magento version frameworks, functions, and features and ask them how they use them all.
  • Know if they have experienced any serious tasks and challenges at the last job.
  • Professionalism

Know their attitude toward their work to confirm how they work professionally. Despite having their knowledge and skills, no one wants to hire an unprofessional developer. The developer must know how to work as it influences your customer, business, and of course, your brand reputation.

  • Imaginative Prospect

The Magento programmer, particularly, the front end developers have to be imaginative. Look for an experienced developer who has a unique prospect that helps you to achieve the quality results. The formative Magento developers hold the capacity to make an outstanding homepage, web designs, and the different online eCommerce website from start.

  • Stress Handling & Team Player

The top-notch Magento web developers have to be smart enough to handle the work stress, to work alone, and to be the best team player. 

Also, they have to be best at communication on all levels so that they can communicate with all comfortably to discuss the project’s ideas, challenges, requirements, etc. It is advised to discuss your timings if you are hiring a part-time developer or freelancer. This is because of the reason that they work on different projects at the same time.

Wrapping Up

Developing an eCommerce store with the Magento platform is not an easy job. It is a difficult platform, so you need an expert Magento developer. Hiring the best one makes you look after a lot of points. Keeping it in mind, we have entitled all the general and fundamental perspectives for the same. Have a look at all and then secure your decision!!

We hope this article can give you the best of the knowledge. Let us know your opinions with us. Share your views. Thanks, for reading!!